EMC laboratory

Rental of a complete laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility measurement

EMC laboratory We offer free capacity to measure your equipment in an electromagnetic compatibility lab. You can measure your device yourself and make any adjustments. The lab will be available to you either with our operator or you can work independently on training after training and use the complete equipment of the laboratory.

We believe that using free lab capacity at favorable prices will allow you to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility standards and minimize costs without acquiring costly equipment for these measurements.

It is sufficient for a few hours in the lab to verify that your device meets the requirements of EMC. At the same time, you can solve any problems right here.

Prices and services:

Prices include the use of all of these devices as needed, including Internet access.

Measurement in the laboratory including the operator1100 CZK/h or 8 hours 7000 CZK
Measurement in a laboratory without operator700 CZK/h or 8 hours 5000 CZK
One-time operator training3000 CZK flat rate (2 hours)
Surcharge for rent M141400 CZK / day
Surcharge for an oscilloscope300 CZK / day
Surcharge for measurements on Saturday or Sunday100 %

Hourly rates apply for each hour that is begun. With longer measurements, discounts can be used for all-day measurements.

A pre-requisite for individual measurements without an operator is that the persons carrying out the measurements should have a valid test in accordance with Decree 50 (6) and above.

The order can be made via the form below, or by phone at 515 532 687. Technical information by phone at 603 803 063.

For free time information, you can download the current occupancy table for the laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with a shielded, non-impact chamber to measure the following types of measurements:

  • Vf emission
  • Interference immunity with field values of 3, 10, 20 V/m
  • Emission to the line

Maximum dimensions of measured device: 400x300x400 mm.

The following equipment will be available in the lab:

  • No-reflection chamber Speltronic Max. dimensions of measured device: 400x300x400 mm
  • Spectrum analyzer GSP 830 with the ability to write data to a flash disk
  • GSP830 11 dB preamplifier to measure low levels of interference
  • Generator MARCONI 2023 9 kHz - 3 GHz
  • Amplifier vf 10 W
  • Rhode Schwarz NAS power meter with NAS Z5 probe
  • 100 kHz - 1 GHz (LAPLACE)
  • DC 40 V power supply - 3 A
  • Function generator and frequency meter GD907
  • Programmable power supply AC 0-250 V / 50 Hz, 1A galvanically isolated
  • Replacement grid to measure 50 Ohm / 50uH and 50 Ohm / 5uH + Ohm
  • Electronic load 200 W
  • Non-contact thermometer Voltcraft -40 ... 350 ° C
  • Sound Level Meter. SL200
  • Voltcraft 326 Sound Level Calibrator
  • Luxmetr
  • 4Mpix Digital Camera. HP
  • Precision digital multimeter for Udc, Uac, R, Iac, Idc, Capacity, Temperature
  • Calibrator Meatest M141
  • Color digital oscilloscope GDS2104, 4 channel, 100 MHz, Flash disk
  • Internet connection
  • Interference components such as chokes, ferrites, capacitors, filters
  • Microprojection stations
  • The set of standards for EMC
  • Instructions for making individual measurements

The laboratory is not accredited, but the device is regularly inspected and the compliance with the measurements performed in the certified testing centers is compared. The results obtained will allow you to carry out tests in an accredited testing room without fear and thus save the cost of repeated measurements.