Electronics for BLDC motor control units

Example of four-layer control boards for chemical two-filter 2F and three-filter 3F units In our company SPELTRONIC s.r.o., among other things, we deal with the development of electronics for filter-ventilation systems and we supply ready-fitted boards to the company MALINA – Safety in Jablonec nad Nisou, which is a manufacturer of motorized filter-ventilation units of the brand CleanAir. These systems are used for respiratory protection in the most demanding industrial environments.

Display boards We have developed and manufacture brushless DC motor controllers up to approx. 25 W with LED display, graphic TFT display, push-button control, acoustic inverter and serial communication interface. The units are adapted for battery power supply.

In conjunction with a PC, operating parameters can be easily entered and measured values displayed via the FCE3 software.

Basic parameters:

  • sensorless BLDC engine control unit up to approx. 25W
  • Discrete BLDC driver with MOSFET transistors, software controlled
  • Engine speed control ranges from 3000 to 15000 rpm
  • Motor torque control
  • Supply voltage: 12-17 V DC, specially designed for 4 Li-Ion cells
  • 128x128 / 65000 colors TFT display can be connected
  • Possibility of connecting a two-color LED display consisting of eight LEDs
  • Acoustic indication of operating and error conditions
  • Universal analogue input
  • I2C interface for connecting peripherals
  • Communication interface: a special serial line for multiprocessor communication
  • One to three-button control
  • FCE3 software for PC
  • Firmware upgrade via serial interface

Chemical 2F and 3F units The filter-ventilation units provide effective filtration of air contaminated with particulate pollutants (dust, non-toxic and toxic fumes, smoke, solid and liquid aerosols, bacteria and viruses).

They have high mechanical and chemical resistance, resistance including UV radiation, waterproof and dust-proof and they meet the world's most demanding standards for occupational health protection.

The unit in practice Our cooperation with MALINA – Safety dates back to 1995. Since then we have developed several generations of electronic control systems. The main objective of the regulation is to provide the user with a standard-defined air flow with respect to the maximum working time of the unit. This is a processor-controlled flow control based on a calibration curve, eliminating ambient influences such as air temperature and pressure, filter clogging etc.