About us

SPELTRONIC s.r.o. is a stable Czech company based in Blansko and since its foundation in 1999 we have been dedicated to the development and production of electronic equipment. In our activities we rely on the long-term experience of our founders, who are also long-time owners of the company.

We have developed a unique system of ATMX modules with ATMEL microcontroller with the possibility of programming in Basic and Pascal languages directly in the developed application.

Currently we are engaged in custom development and production of microprocessor systems and electronic devices.

Besides development, we are also able to prepare all necessary documents for serial production. We can produce prototypes of devices, perform the necessary tests and provide consequential mass production.

Our main products, which we produce under the name SPELTRONIC are currently control units for brushless electric motors. They consist of a combination of a control unit for the electric motor and a control unit for a graphic display. These units have been developed over several years as both hardware and firmware, including desktop applications for parameterisation and calibration.

The entire system is mainly used in filter ventilation units with forced air change, which are distributed worldwide.

We have built and successfully operate an EMC laboratory, the use of which we also offer to external partners including consultation with our engineers.

We have an in-house manufacturing facility where we perform assembling and testing of electronic modules, custom assembly and testing of electronic equipment including cable manufacturing harnesses.

ISO 9001 We maintain and continuously improve a long-standing well-functioning quality management system.

All our processes are managed in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.