EMC laboratory

We provide testing services for electrical equipment.

EMC card We test the equipment in our EMC laboratory before testing in an accreditation laboratory and rectify any problems on site. We also provide consultancy services prior to testing at the test facility.

You can measure the equipment yourself in our EMC laboratory and make any adjustments at your leisure. The laboratory is available to you either with our operator or you can work independently after training and use the complete EMC laboratory equipment. We believe that using the free capacity of the EMC laboratory at reasonable prices will allow you to meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility standards and minimize costs without purchasing expensive equipment for these measurements.

EMC carousel A few hours in the lab is sufficient for basic verification that your instrument meets the requirements of the EMC standards. You can then correct any problems on the spot.

We provide tests in an accredited testing facility, including the preparation of documents (checking operating manuals, printing labels in relation to the requirements of the standards). We will provide assistance in the preparation of risk analysis.

The laboratory is equipped with a shielded, non-impact chamber and instruments for the following types of measurements:

  • RF radiation EN55011, EN55032
  • RF immunity test with field values of 3 - 20 V/m
  • IEC 61000-4-6 test for immunity to line interference
  • IEC 61000-4-4 pulse group immunity test
  • IEC 61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge immunity test
  • Measurements of radiation into the network EN 61326-1, EN 55011

The following equipment will be available in the lab:

  • No-reflection chamber SPELTRONIC, max. dimensions of the measured device are 400x300x400 mm
  • Spectrum analyzer GSP 830 with the possibility of writing data to a flash stick
  • GSP830 11 dB preamplifier for low level interference measurements
  • Generator MARCONI 2023 9 kHz - 3 GHz
  • 10 W HF amplifier
  • Rhode Schwarz NAS RF power meter with NAS Z5 probe
  • 100 kHz - 1 GHz (LAPLACE)
  • Normal RF interference 100 kHz - 1 GHz (LAPLACE)
  • DC power supply 40 V - 3 A
  • Functional generator and frequency meter GFG-3015
  • Programmable AC 0-250 V / 50 Hz , 1A galvanically isolated
  • Replacement network for radiation measurements into 50 Ohm/50 uH and 50 Ohm/5 uH+1 Ohm lines
  • DC 200 W electronic load
  • Precision digital multimeter for Udc, Uac, R, Iac, Idc, capacitance, temperature measurements
  • Meatest M141 calibrator
  • Colour digital oscilloscope 2 channel, 200 MHz, flash drive
  • Internet connection
  • Suppression components such as inductors, ferrites, capacitors, filters
  • Micropower stations
  • EMC standards kit
  • Instructions for performing individual measurements

Our EMC laboratory is not accredited, but is regularly checked and compared against measurements taken in certified test laboratories. The results obtained will allow you to safely perform tests in an accredited EMC testing laboratory and save you the cost of any repeat measurements.

Any problems can be consulted on site with our technicians and resolved immediately on site.